Heartstar (heartstar) wrote in billylikesboys,

Those Three Words

Title: Those Three Words
Author: youbrat
Pairing: Billy/? (though from my point of view its Tony)
Rating: honestly, I don't know how to rate this, PG13?
Disclaimer: This isn't real, if it was I'd cry for eternity
Summary: The words ‘I love you’ had always been the sweetest words I’d ever known...It’s funny then that now I hate them...

Note: I HATE Valentine's Day, I always have. So in response to all the purely mushy stories that most people produce for Valentine's Day, here is my response. For those of you who love Valentine's Day, happy Valentine's Day, you won't like this story. For those of you who feel the 'holiday' should be outlawed, like me, enjoy the darkness, I say we celebrate death today instead of love.

( Those Three Words )
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