Jo (x_stoked_x) wrote in billylikesboys,

Title : Anything But Mine
Author Jo aka x_stoked_x
Pairing OMC/ Billy working towards Tony/Billy.
Rating NC-17 Not all chapters are bad but this is just overall.
Summary Tony wants Billy but Billy’s taken and his boyfriend is not willing to let him go. Point of views flip back and forth.
Disclaimer Blah Blah Blah...I am Billy so back the fuck off.
Dedications one really inspired this so I’m going to say to my standard muse. To shira, hellonwheels01, and youbrat cause they threatened me if I didn't finish. j/k No but really, without them I never would have bothered with this fic, and even if no one but them reads this or cares, I really don't mind. But if you do want to read then enjoy!

Past Chapters are in the memories of riotgirl_921_wj under Anything But Mine and the link for chapter 8 is right here.

Anything But Mine : Chapter 9
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